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Albanese Garden Center carries Aquascape Ecosystem Ponds

April 26th Sensational Herbs
10:00 AM til ....
Planting and garden design, culinary basics.

May 3rd Companion and deterrent plants for gardening
10:00 AM til ....
Insect, animal, and pest control.

May 10th Design an afternoon tea
10:00 AM til ....
Any thyme would be just fine. Enjoy a cold mint tea and scones.

May 17th Medicinal -Signature-
10:00 AM til ....
Look alike herbs Caution know your plants.

May 24th Edible flowers and the language of
May 31st Roses and lavender
10:00 AM til ....

June 7th Soups and salads using herbs
10:00 AM til ....
Including salt free diet


Pond Supplies

  Aquatic Plants, Water Lilies, Marginals and Bogs Oxgenating & Floating Plants, Hyacinths and Lettuce Pond Fish (Large Selection) Koi, Fantails, Shubunkins and Comets

"We guarantee all our fish"
* Water Filteration Systems
* Liners
* Pre-formed Ponds
* Pumps
* Test Kits

* Water Conditioners

* Fish Food


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